Introducing our new Zero Profile and Low Profile UFH Systems


TechnoZero Zero Depth Retrofit UFH

Our revolutionary new TechnoZero retrofit system allows underfloor heating to be added to an existing screed floor slab without adding any depth to the overall floor construction!

TechnoLo Low Profile Retrofit UFH

The TechnoLo low profile underfloor heating system is just 15mm thick and can be fitted over existing concrete, screed or suspended (joisted) floors. Once dry, finished flooring can be laid directly onto the Self-leveling Screed.

For more information these and our other underfloor heating systems please visit our UFHT Systems page.

Underfloor Heating Technologies

From our base in South Worcestershire Underfloor Heating Technologies offers a bespoke underfloor heating design, supply and installation service for water fed underfloor heating projects nationwide. Underfloor Heating Technologies can also offer a design and supply service or supply materials only depending on your needs.

Underfloor Heating Technologies offer a range of underfloor heating services for existing water fed underfloor heating systems. From manifold repair and replacement to thermal imaging for  below floor leak finding and underfloor heating surveys.

Underfloor Heating Technologies specialise in wet underfloor heating only, we do not supply or fit electric underfloor heating systems and can not offer servicing or fault finding for electric underfloor heating systems.

Underfloor Heating Technologies know that no two building projects are the same. That’s why we give a fully tailored service right from your initial enquiry. With our completely in-house design and installation teams Underfloor Heating Technologies can offer a continuous service from quotation through design, installation and beyond with after-care as you begin to enjoy your new wet underfloor heating system.

Our experience, expertise and adaptability combined with our high quality product selection, sourced entirely from within the EU, ensure a reliable Underfloor Heating Technologies installation that will stand the test of time.

Underfloor Heating Technologies pride ourselves on our service and maintaining good relationships with our many returning cutomers. Here are just a few of the compinies we regulary work with:

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Why Choose Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating has become increasingly more popular in the UK because of its ability to provide an efficient and uniform heat. The radiant heat provided at floor level creates a large heated surface that dissipates heat evenly into the living space whereas a radiator will produce convection currents that rise to the highest part of the room, meaning that the majority of the heat is lost at ceiling height. This makes underfloor heating more efficient for two main reasons:

  • The heat emitted is used more effectively, resulting in less wasted heat
  • The heat required to enable this is generally delivered between 35-55oC compared with 65-75oC for radiators which means that the heat source will operate for a shorter amount of time and therefore use less energy.

These energy savings combined with silent running and increased flexibility for room layouts gives a solution that will add real value to a property.

Underfloor heating can work with a variety of heat sources such as gas and oil fired boilers as well as renewable technologies such as air and ground source heat pumps. It can also be installed to almost any floor type from concrete slab, timber joist and as a retro fit system over existing floors.

In addition to the pipe work a key component is the Underfloor Heating manifold and the associated controls. At Underfloor Heating Technologies we offer an extensive range of high quality manifolds and controls plus all pipe and accessories required to form a full system solution.