In-House Installers

Underfloor Heating Technologies do not use sub-contractors, we only use our own in-house team of installers. This means that we can have full control over the supply and installation of our underfloor heating systems and eliminates the potential for conflict between separate underfloor heating design and installation companies if problems occur.

All of our experienced fitters were fully trained in-house to our own high standards and hold current CSCS cards. They have up to date Health and Safety training and are covered by our company liability insurance.

Installation Process

The area to which underfloor heating is going be fitted should be cleared and swept and the position of walls, staircases, kitchen & storage units, sanitary ware and any other areas to be avoided by the underfloor heating pipework should be clearly marked on site before our installation team arrive.

The Underfloor Heating Technologies installation team will attend site, bringing all of the required underfloor heating materials with them. Using the approved underfloor heating layout drawing the installers will mount the underfloor heating manifold to the wall in the agreed position and lay the underfloor heating pipework and, if required by the underfloor heating layout design, the aluminium diffuser plates. The installation team will connect underfloor heating pipework to the underfloor heating manifold and the complete underfloor heating system is pressure tested with air to a minimum pressure of 3.0 bar. The underfloor heating manifold will be marked up with the underfloor heating zoning for future reference.The system is left pressurised to allow monitoring of the underfloor heating system for any subsequent damage by other trades. If the underfloor heating pipework is punctured the system pressure will drop to zero notifying you that a pipe repair is needed.

The Underfloor Heating Technologies installation team will then attain the signature of a person of authority on site to confirm that the agreed materials have been delivered to site, that the underfloor heating pipework has been fitted to a satisfactory standard and that the underfloor heating system has passed pressure testing and has been left pressurised for monitoring.

The underfloor heating controls can either be sent in advance of the installation date or they can be taken to site along with the other underfloor heating materials during the underfloor heating installation or the underfloor heating controls can be sent on at a later date. Please note that there may be an additional shipping charge to send the underfloor heating controls before or after the underfloor heating installation date.

Whats left to do?

Once your underfloor heating system has been installed it just needs to connected your heat source by your heating engineer, whether that be a traditional Boiler or a renewable heat source i.e. an Air Source Heatpump. Once the underfloor hating system has been plumbed in it will need filling with water and purging of air. This is a straight forward process that most heating engineers know and we are happy to offer guidance over the phone.

The underfloor heating controls will need to be installed by a qualified electrician, typical wiring schematics are supplied both in the underfloor heating controls packaging and on the underfloor heating design layout drawing. The underfloor heating zoning will be marked on the manifold and we are always available to offer guidance over the phone.

Provided that the above works are properly carried out by the electrician and heating engineer the underfloor heating system is now up and running, if there are any problems we can diagnose most issues over the phone or via email and if necessary we can also offer a commissioning visit.

If the underfloor heating is laid within a slab, i.e. a screed or Limecrete floor, appropriate curing times must be observed before applying heat to the underfloor heating system. The slab provider should be able to advise on curing times for the particular material and depth used on your project.

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